Our Services

For most, the home-buying and refinancing process can feel overwhelming—details, documents and the unknown can leave homeowners wondering, “Am I paying too much, or “Am I missing an important/timely opportunity?

At Chicago National Finance we do everything possible to find you the most competitive loan options and rates available in the market. Whether you’re interested in purchasing or refinancing, our comprehensive network of lenders, market expertise and automated technology will help you uncover the best deals fit for your financial goals.

Through us, first-time buyers and seasoned homeowners can get pre-approved for a loan, may receive customized consultation on the mortgage process and options available, including the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) (for Chicago homebuyers).

The Chicago National Finance line of mortgage offerings include:

  • First-time buyer programs
  • Low-cost refinance programs
  • Self-employed programs
  • Jumbo Loan programs
  • Debt Consolidation


The Mortgage Broker Advantage

When it comes to your home and investment, working with a mortgage broker can not only save you money, but also provide you with an honest picture of what is available to you. While some search for rates directly through their bank, those who work with mortgage brokers are exposed to a wider selection of loan opportunities offered by various financial institutions.

Our responsibility is to ensure that you are able to make a fully informed decision, and keep your monthly payments as low as we know they can be.  We give our clients a mortgage education so that they can decipher the industry jargon and understand what makes the most sense for their needs.  We want you to have a strong understanding of the mortgage process to reveal the strength of our services.  Working with us once teaches you how to deal with these transactions for the rest of your life.

Rates can change daily, and through our technology and industry relationships we can survey the market at a given moment and present a loan option that would not have otherwise been visible to you. As financial experts, we also understand your unique needs, and are able to present unique loan products/programs specifically tailored to your financial goals, not ours.

Getting Pre-Approved For Your Home Loan

When To Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved allows you and your lender to better understand how much you can actually borrow. It involves a more in-depth review of your financial history, and can give you an advantage in the negotiation process when you are among others interested in the same home. While not required, it is usually recommended that buyers are pre-approved prior to searching or engaging an agent, so that, from the beginning, your search is more streamlined and directed to homes that fit your unique financial needs.

How To Get Pre-Approved

Chicago National Finance can help you get pre-approved. In a confidential review of your credit score, debt-to-income ratio and income, we can determine what kind of down payment might be required for your ideal home. As a rule of thumb, a minimum 650 FICO score is required; with a score of 760 or more, you are likely to qualify for the best rates. You will also need a down payment of 5%-20% of the home purchase price.

Chicago National Finance is here to tell you more. Please contact us at 312-252-5999 or .